KTSW LEVITATION 2016 (Playlist)

KTSW 89.9

By the KTSW Music Staff

LEVITATION Austin 2016

The ninth annual LEVITATION festival is quietly preparing for its opening on the weekend of April 29. Hidden in the depths of Carson Creek Ranch, the festival brings in some of the best psychedelic rock and pop bands. This year will feature the living legend Brian Wilson as he performs Pet Sounds, the incredible hypnotizing sounds of Animal Collective, the fuzzy and maniacal Ty Segall and more! To help put us in the mood for LEVITATION, our music staff has put together a Spotify playlist featuring incredible songs and artists. For more information about the festival, head over to the LEVITATION website.

  • “Golden Gal” – Animal Collective: “This band has been killing it for so long now. I feel like they can’t disappoint. Plus, I reviewed their newest album and it was a lot of fun.” – Cheyenne Heaslet
  • “Avant Gardener” – Courtney…

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Potatoes, North Carolina, and Seasonings with Capyac

My interview with Austin, TX Psych funk unit Capyac for KTSW 89.9!

KTSW 89.9

By DeMarcus Cobb
Assistant Music Director

Capyac is a musical outfit from Austin, Texas that finds a way to blend disco, jazz, chillwave, R&B, IDM and Deep House on their debut release, “Headlunge”. You never know what to expect from the Nu-Disco act live or in studio, and that is one of the many things that makes this group so unique besides their fashion.

Take a listen as they shed some light on their live shows, being Potato and the circle of life. Hear about their live tour gear, favorite seasoning, dream collaborators, their trip to North Carolina and more in this colorful interview with the local Austin production duo.

The conversation began with them talking about their late radio station nights where they would do improv comedy and perform original songs. It was a pleasure chatting with the Capyac guys.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hang around late enough…

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KTSW’s International Men’s Day Spotify Playlist

Check out the article and see what I chose 🙂

KTSW 89.9

By Janelle Abad
Music Director


The KTSW music staff has curated a playlist of our favorite songs by men, for men and about the important men in our lives in honor of International Men’s Day. From quintessential tracks that our fathers spun in the living room, to modern acts filled with snazzy bass riffs, this playlist has your bases covered. In light of the official theme of “Stopping Male Suicide” for this year’s International Men’s day, we’ve made sure to pay homage to why we appreciate the men in our lives.

“Old Man” by Neil Young: I grew up listening to classic rock with my dad, and Neil Young was always one artist that I just didn’t get. I know it bummed my dad out, even though I would willingly put on Led Zeppelin or The Allman Brothers, that I didn’t connect with him on Neil Young…

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I’m Back! (with an exciting announcement)

I’ve been MIA for awhile so I wanted to throw up a quick mini-mix as I get ready to head of to Utopia Fest to do press coverage for KTSW 89.9! This will be my first press opportunity and I’m pretty stoked. Friday I’m dj’ing a Private event then traveling over to Utopia beforehand. This will be my second camping festival besides Electric Forest so I decided to write a camping guide as my pre-coverage article. I will link it in here when it’s up on the KTSW webpage  . 2016-logo-clear-large.png

Here’s the mix! I’m available for  some more bookings through October-December, email bookings.dmocobb@gmail.com

A$AP Ferg: Always Strive and Prosper Review

My review of A$AP Ferg’s Sophomore release, “Always Strive and Prosper”

KTSW 89.9

By DeMarcus Cobb
Music Journalist

Artist: A$AP Ferg
Album: Always Strive and Prosper
Label: A$AP Worldwide/Polo Grounds Music
Release Date: April 22, 2016

The long-awaited sophomore release from the Trap Lord is finally among us.

It’s no secret that Ferg, birthname Darold Ferguson Jr., is one of the more colorful members of A$AP Mob alongside A$AP Rocky, Nast and Twelvy (RIP YAMS.) It’s been a two-year wait since his last mixtape Ferg Forever dropped and everyone was waiting to see what direction Ferg would take on his next album.

If you don’t already know about A$AP Ferg, he is a rapper based out of Harlem, New York known for his breakthrough single, “Work,” and its remix that featured Schoolboy Q, Trinidad James and French Montana on his Trap Lord debut. Since then, Ferg has tried to find his own lane in this rap world and not piggyback on…

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KTSW’s Float Fest 2016 Spotify Playlist

Festival season is among us! The 3rd annual Float Fest is right around the corner and the wonderful Music staff at KTSW 89.9 San Marcos has compiled a playlist of their favorite tracks from the performers.

KTSW 89.9

By Janelle Abad
Music Director

Float Fest 2016

Float Fest embarks on its third year gracing the Cool River Ranch shores in San Marcos, Texas, swearing on the baddest party in Central Texas complete with lights, laughter and live music. With general admission now including a one-day floating pass and camping for the weekend, fest-fanatics are bound to make waves in the San Marcos River with throwback headliners Metric, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and California indie-rock band Rooney, who is returning from a six-year hiatus.

To accompany your camping jams this year is KTSW’s Float Fest playlist, complete with top tracks and throwback jams from the headliners and everyone else on the line up including KTSW favorites Santigold, Future Islands, Blue Healer and MR Fest veterans Fat Tony, Wild Moccasins and Holiday Mountain. For more information about the raddest, loudest, floatest fest, visit their website

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Confirmed: Prince passed due to accidental overdose of fentanyl

After a proper autopsy It has been confirmed in a press release that Prince died from a “accidental opiate overdose.” Fentanyl is a highly addictive opiate that is notably stronger than morphine and is used to treat those with chronic pain with a physical tolerance to opiates.

Below is a recap on the timeline leading to his tragic passing and my brief, personal input on the situation

April 15: Prince was hospitalized early Friday morning for Flu like symptoms, which to me personally could’ve been a hint of possibly withdrawal from his medication. He would be released  from the hospital just hours later. That following Saturday, the day after he was released from the hospital, Prince took the stage at a dance party near his home and curiously said, “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” According to the same TMZ report listed above.

Which is pretty odd, it’s as if he already knew he was going down a dark path. Prince was always known to be a peculiar figure that would say/do odd things, but this should have been a heads up to the public and the people in his camp.

READ MORE: 24 Outrageous Prince Stories

April 21: As reported by TMZ, Prince found unconscious inside an elevator at his residence in Paisley Park, Minnesota. Unable to revive, pronounced dead on the scene  

April 21: Hours after his death had been announced. TMZ reports Prince leaving his local Walgreens for his prescription hours before his found in the elevator. This was his 4th visiting Walgreen’s within one week. The story then was Prince was still recovering from the flu/walking pneumonia.

I don’t mean to take anything away from Prince as an artist or a person but it seems like he became a victim of drug addiction which breaks my heart to conclude to. As some are aware, Prince had replacement hip surgery some years ago which lead to a Percocet prescription, a highly addictive painkiller. My theory is that there could of been complications with withdrawal, therefore causing his “flu-like symptoms.” Previosuly he was still touring despite his ongoing bodily pains but chose to cancel two shows the same week of his passing, more detail here. Prolonged usage typically calls for higher dosage for the user but that’s just my observation.

In the end it doesn’t matter what lead to this. All we can do now is praise the man for who we knew him for and the wonderful music he has left us with to enjoy. Prince Nelson you were one of a kind, a true rock star, and will forever be an inspiration.

If you want to read more about Prince and rise to stardom I highly recommend checking out this write-up by MTV! Great read.

Taken from Getty Images

Long Live The Prince