Don’t Go by Justin Martin (Music Video)

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Backstory: so this video was made as an assignment for a Video Production class I took while I was at McNeese State in Lake Charles, LA my Sophomore year of college. We had the freedom of making a video of our choice that showcased our knowledge and understanding of the basic camera shots and methods of shoots through said video. Surprisingly I was the only person in class that decided to make a music video!

The Process: So I decided to pay homage to the old, weird music videos I used to love and searched on YouTube for Public video clips of nature that would be blended into my original nature shot and  some neat cyberpunk-esque clips. Sony Vegas is my go-to for video editing. It’s simple to use and I like the default keyboard shortcuts. Music Videos are really simple to make in Vegas, practice makes perfect! I wanted to make something that kept you interested in the song, Don’t Go by House-producer Justin Martin, while maintaining it’s appeal to the eye.

Lot’s of grain and video on top of another video FX going on in this video. If you’re ever having trouble with video transitions, Automation is your best friend. The mirroring effect used around the 1 minute mark is my personal favorite scene then suddenly it goes into slow motion and reserved! I chose this song because it already has a really nice, chill vibe to it with minimal vocals. Nothing too flashy yet you’re still interested to see where the track goes. So I wanted to try and compliment that by using some abstract clips balanced out with the natural nature clips.