Confirmed: Prince passed due to accidental overdose of fentanyl

After a proper autopsy It has been confirmed in a press release that Prince died from a “accidental opiate overdose.” Fentanyl is a highly addictive opiate that is notably stronger than morphine and is used to treat those with chronic pain with a physical tolerance to opiates.

Below is a recap on the timeline leading to his tragic passing and my brief, personal input on the situation

April 15: Prince was hospitalized early Friday morning for Flu like symptoms, which to me personally could’ve been a hint of possibly withdrawal from his medication. He would be released  from the hospital just hours later. That following Saturday, the day after he was released from the hospital, Prince took the stage at a dance party near his home and curiously said, “Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” According to the same TMZ report listed above.

Which is pretty odd, it’s as if he already knew he was going down a dark path. Prince was always known to be a peculiar figure that would say/do odd things, but this should have been a heads up to the public and the people in his camp.

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April 21: As reported by TMZ, Prince found unconscious inside an elevator at his residence in Paisley Park, Minnesota. Unable to revive, pronounced dead on the scene  

April 21: Hours after his death had been announced. TMZ reports Prince leaving his local Walgreens for his prescription hours before his found in the elevator. This was his 4th visiting Walgreen’s within one week. The story then was Prince was still recovering from the flu/walking pneumonia.

I don’t mean to take anything away from Prince as an artist or a person but it seems like he became a victim of drug addiction which breaks my heart to conclude to. As some are aware, Prince had replacement hip surgery some years ago which lead to a Percocet prescription, a highly addictive painkiller. My theory is that there could of been complications with withdrawal, therefore causing his “flu-like symptoms.” Previosuly he was still touring despite his ongoing bodily pains but chose to cancel two shows the same week of his passing, more detail here. Prolonged usage typically calls for higher dosage for the user but that’s just my observation.

In the end it doesn’t matter what lead to this. All we can do now is praise the man for who we knew him for and the wonderful music he has left us with to enjoy. Prince Nelson you were one of a kind, a true rock star, and will forever be an inspiration.

If you want to read more about Prince and rise to stardom I highly recommend checking out this write-up by MTV! Great read.

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Long Live The Prince


Chon Concert Review

So my buddy got us tickets to see Chon, a San Diego based instrumental rock band who are currently on their first ever headlining tour. Opening up for them are Strawberry Girls and Dallas local band Polyphia on board as supporting acts. I personally did not know too much about Chon besides what my friend had shown me via YouTube. Such as this live set/interview courtesy of AudiotreeTV such as this clip:

As you can tell…these guys are insanely talented and they play so well together. It’s hard to come across bands that can actually play what they record. There’s no studio magic here!

But let’s get to the show..

Polyphenia and Strawberry girls opened and they were INCREDIBLE! So much technicality and the best part about it was that it felt so organic. If you didn’t know who they were you would think these guys were just jamming off improv. As a guitar player myself I could really appreciate their guitar licks, abrusrt time signature changes, and the harmonizing. I still can’t get over Strawberry Girls though. I tried to get as many videos as my phone permitted so I could find these songs on my own haha.

All three bands share a very similar sound, progressive Jam Metal. Lots of arpeggios, tempo changes, and breakdowns of course.

Strawberry fields were amazing, and I can say that for every band that played today. These bands play so tight-fitted to the point where it sounds like I’m listening to the CD recordings. In other words they all play very well live and hardly make room for errors.

Polyphenia had me hypnotize watching the guitarists shred so melodically. I could go on and on but luckily I have some decent footage from the show 🙂

I have no words to describe Chon, I was hypnotized the whole time just watching them jam out like nobody’s business! Like I said I’d rather let the videos speak for itself


In between sets Sidewinder was playing the whole Toro Y Moi discography and honestly I couldn’t be happier. I can listen to Toro anytime of the day and it was a nice switch up to the jamming bands playing before me.

BUKU 2016 was a success!!

This year marks my 2nd time attending Buku Music & Art Festival in the lovely city of New Orleans, Louisiana March 11-12 2016. This festival embraces the melting pot of cultures in the Dirty South and welcomes about 14,000 people a day from all over the States.  I may have a slight bias because NOLA is one of my favorite cities to go to for vacation but, besides Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan, Buku has to be my favorite music festival I’ve attended. It also happens to fall the weekend before spring break for Texas Colleges so that’s always a plus too! More info here: BUKU


Picture of the main stage; Power Plant

The Entry to the Front Yard where they have arts & crafts and merch!

The Entry to the Front Yard where they have arts & crafts and merch!

I heard about Buku my Freshman year at McNeese State. Since I was new to the area I had to find things to do on the weekend so I went online to find a bunch of future concerts and events coming up around Louisiana. Then I came across a page that mentioned Buku and being the curious person I am. I HAD to look it up and see what it was all about. I found out it was still very new (only on its 3rd year) and embraced a diverse lineup of artist ranging from hip-hop to  inde and baile funk.

S.S. BUKU! Where the VIP wristband holders get to enjoy exclusive DJ sets, an open bar and free snacks

S.S. BUKU! Where the VIP wristband holders get to enjoy exclusive DJ sets, an open bar and free snacks

What makes this festival so unique to me isn’t just the variety in music but the culture behind it. They welcome dancers and performers such as The Mad Scientists; three scientist sharing one cart for their instruments as walk back and forth throughout the festival grounds (see video below) I’ve also attached some clips and pictures of the other entertainment from my instagram page

Some band with a violinist that uses a pedal board performing (Day 1)

See the Mad Scientist in action! (Day 2)

One of my highlights from this year was having the chance to see Mystikal, Juvenile, and Fly Boi Keno; the predecessor to Nicky Da B another Bounce MC that was rising up until he died after a fight with an illness. You may know the name, Nicky Da B had a crossover hit with Diplo on their track “Express Yourself”.  Fly Boi Keno was the next man up behind Nicky and now he has to fill in the shoes for NOLA Bounce. He has gained some more notoriety recently thanks to Diplo and Skrillex aka Jack Ü. They actually performed at the Clippers halftime show this season, which can be viewed HERE.   Jack Ü recruited the Bounce MC for “Beat Steady Knockin”, their own twist on New Orleans Bounce Music, a distinct, regional genre of twerk music that came about in the early 90’s. This music is easily recognized by a drum pattern known as the “Triggaman Beat”. Booming 808’s, chopped up vox  and “Drag Rap” samples make up the basis of the music. Just a quick Bounce Music 101 for you that aren’t familiar.

THIS is the Triggaman Beat (see video)

Seeing Mystikal and Juvenile at the same show one after another was a childhood dream come through. I was young when these guys were making their mark in music history but I was definitely in the loop!  Both are legends in NOLA and the south for being on the original rosters of two influential record labels in the “Dirty South” era of music in the 90’s .
Juve The Great was a Cash Money Millionaire led by Baby whilst Mystikal was a No Limit Soldier underneath Master P. Although I was a little kid when they were making their marks in music history, 97.9 The Box always kept me in the loop on the new and upcoming artist. More videos to be added; trying to find the best way to upload them without losing sound quality.

I also got to see What So Not, Jai Wolf, Mija b2b Anna Lunoe b2b Nina Las Vegas, Sweater Beats, last year they had Porter, RL Grime, Odeza, XXYYXX. Most of these names should be familiar if you’re into the electronic side of music. All of these guys and bands are super talented producers. Bands included CHVRCHES, Miike Snow, Crystal Castles, Break Science and more.

Rappers I saw this year were; Casey Veggies whom I’ve been a fan of since the first Odd Future tape, Future, Kid Cudi, A$AP Ferg. Last year I got to see Lil B and A$AP Rocky, THE Boozie Badazz, Ghostface Killa, and Yung Lean.

My favorite part of the festival this year was being able to meet some really cool people and unintionally make an impact on some peoples days. I had met up with some friends that go to LSU and live in NOLA, one of them worked for this company called Electric Family and asked me to carry out a “Free Hugs” sign for the day.

My Krewe and Electric Family spreading good vibes

My Krewe and Electric Family spreading good vibes

Being the spontaneous guy I am I decided to roll with it and I don’t regret it! It was really rad to see the effect something so small could have on another person. I met people that came from Michigan, San Francisco, and New York. Everyone had a story to tell; couples on their wits end, individuals just feeling down on their luck only to be reminded that things will always get better even when you lose hope. My free hug, encouraging words, and conversation was enough to lift their spirits up and make their night! That’s a pretty nice feeling to have and I enjoyed every second of it.


Well I think that about sums up my Buku experience! See ya next time

Don’t Go by Justin Martin (Music Video)

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Link to video

Backstory: so this video was made as an assignment for a Video Production class I took while I was at McNeese State in Lake Charles, LA my Sophomore year of college. We had the freedom of making a video of our choice that showcased our knowledge and understanding of the basic camera shots and methods of shoots through said video. Surprisingly I was the only person in class that decided to make a music video!

The Process: So I decided to pay homage to the old, weird music videos I used to love and searched on YouTube for Public video clips of nature that would be blended into my original nature shot and  some neat cyberpunk-esque clips. Sony Vegas is my go-to for video editing. It’s simple to use and I like the default keyboard shortcuts. Music Videos are really simple to make in Vegas, practice makes perfect! I wanted to make something that kept you interested in the song, Don’t Go by House-producer Justin Martin, while maintaining it’s appeal to the eye.

Lot’s of grain and video on top of another video FX going on in this video. If you’re ever having trouble with video transitions, Automation is your best friend. The mirroring effect used around the 1 minute mark is my personal favorite scene then suddenly it goes into slow motion and reserved! I chose this song because it already has a really nice, chill vibe to it with minimal vocals. Nothing too flashy yet you’re still interested to see where the track goes. So I wanted to try and compliment that by using some abstract clips balanced out with the natural nature clips.