Update on my new dog…and I decided on a name!

5 weeks has whizzed by and this past Friday marked a week until I get to take my Husky puppy home! Today I had to drive to San Antonio to see my husky and learn how to groom and feed them properly

Next Friday I will be paying the very last of my deposit and taking dog home at around 4 to 5 pounds big.

I was stuck between Hudson and Zeke. He seems like he’s going to be a really easy Husky to maintain. He pretty much slept in my arms the whole puppy training session! I’ve provided some up close pictures of Zeke. 4/7 Friday I will have him for Zeke for keeps and will post more pictures!!

Update: Pictures of zeke from when I first saw him to present day (8 weeks old)

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New Dog!

So this month has been a very busy one for me. Balancing school, radio work, having a girlfriend of almost 2 years, work with Favor, and keeping up with my social media accounts has been an adjustment! It’s becoming harder and harder to find time for pleasure. So I decided to be spontaneous and adopted an Alaskan husky! He was about 4 days old when I met him and the total amount to be paid is about $800. Which is a pretty dang good deal for a pure-breed husky!

Blue collar is his name for know I'm still brainstorming until I see him again April 2nd for doggy training with his breeder

Blue collar is his name for know I’m still brainstorming until I see him again April 2nd for doggy training with his breeder

It’s a funny, but no so funny, story actually

A friend and classmate of mine, Milind, had been wanting a dog for the longest and after intensive research he decided to set his eyes on a pure breed Alaskan Husky. Unfortunately he did not have the sufficient funds last semester so he had to find a job that payed well with flexible hours. A new delivery service called Favor had a startup in the fall and ironically we both got hired around the same time. To add on, we’ve both been working crazy hours, like 12 hours a day, to raise funds and finish off our payment.

I had originally decided to ride with Milind just to accompany him on the ride and meet the lady with him. Because you really never know who you’re talking to behind a phone. But I also wanted to see the puppies of course! When I heard her over the phone she seemed very legit! She informed us that the puppies had a very prestige bloodline of service and show dogs. She also keeps the dogs indoors for the first couple months to avoid parasites such as ringworm.

Momma bear

My puppy’s beautiful mother (look at that smile)

The mother was as sweet as can be and had this smile on your face. What I didn’t plan on doing was adopting a dog let alone adopting a dog from the same litter as a friend of mine at the same time hahah! It’s funny how things work out.

It’s not like I never planned on having my own dog! I could never make the commitment or decide on what breed I would want. I’ve had quite a variety of dogs in my 21 years of living actually. Two sharpies, a mini schnauzer, an English bulldog, and lastly my two Yorkshire terriers that are still with me today! Snickers is 12 now and Mandy is turning 3 very soon.

Mandy (top) and Snickers (bottom)

Mandy (top) and Snickers (bottom)

Another reason I decided now would be a good time is because San Marcos is a great city with parks and trails to take a dog on. At my old school I did not have this luxury so it wasn’t an ideal place to raise a big dog to me.

You may be wondering how I decided on Blue Collar. Well, they say the dog always chooses its owner and in my experience..they usually (bold) Do chose me. This one happened to do it by falling asleep in my arms within 2 minutes of me holding him. Mandy met me, couldn’t stop licking me to save her life, and stuck by my side everywhere i went. m and I went to pice out a new buddy for Snickers. She came from a linter of rescue yorkies on the verge of euthanasion at the shelter until they were rescued by this lady in the Rosenberg area. She was the one that actually gave me those wise words about dogs choosing their owners. But I’m getting off topic and rambling now..time to wrap up this post. I could talk about my dogs all day, gotta love ’em


update: She actually posted some new pictures of the puppies today!

Also Blue Collar is still nameless so name suggestions would be great would be great! Feel free to drop a name in the comments below. I just wanted to write about something non-music related for once and give you guys an update on what’s going on in my life 🙂

He's growing!

He’s growing!