KTSW LEVITATION 2016 (Playlist)

KTSW 89.9

By the KTSW Music Staff

LEVITATION Austin 2016

The ninth annual LEVITATION festival is quietly preparing for its opening on the weekend of April 29. Hidden in the depths of Carson Creek Ranch, the festival brings in some of the best psychedelic rock and pop bands. This year will feature the living legend Brian Wilson as he performs Pet Sounds, the incredible hypnotizing sounds of Animal Collective, the fuzzy and maniacal Ty Segall and more! To help put us in the mood for LEVITATION, our music staff has put together a Spotify playlist featuring incredible songs and artists. For more information about the festival, head over to the LEVITATION website.

  • “Golden Gal” – Animal Collective: “This band has been killing it for so long now. I feel like they can’t disappoint. Plus, I reviewed their newest album and it was a lot of fun.” – Cheyenne Heaslet
  • “Avant Gardener” – Courtney…

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