Prince Announced Dead at the Age of 57

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By Demarcus Cobb
Music Journalist

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame star responsible for “1999” and “Purple Rain” was reported dead this morning at the age of 57. Prince released over 20 albums and sell over 100 million records during his colorful career.  According to Rolling Stone, Prince was recovering from the Flu which lead to the cancellation of some dates of his Piano and a Microphone tour this month. Yvette Noel-Schure, Publicist for Prince, confirmed his death to The Associated Press

Prince Death Announcement

Prince Death Photo courtesy of BuzzFeed News.

All reports refer back to TMZ, who seems to be the first to report his passing this morning. A call was made at approximately 9:43 a.m. Thursday morning from the singer’s Paisley Park studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota. The cause of death is “recovery from flu-like symptoms.”

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MR Fest Artist Profile: Golden Graves

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By DeMarcus Cobb
Music Reviewer

MR FEST Photo By Golden Graves

Golden Graves’ music sends you off to summertime and the happy memories that follow.

Golden Graves consists of Jack Seybold (Vocals and Guitar), Firas Isat (Guitar), Lev Merka (Bass) and Adam Ansley on the drums. They are a four-­piece shoegaze band based out of Austin, Texas, and are not your average shoegaze band by any means. They have that familiar airy, euphoric sound but this band could easily be on a major festival lineup with more tracks like “Sports” and “Death Match“, that really showcase the band’s potential to write big records.

Trash,” off their self-­titled debut, is easily my favorite track by these guys.The dreamy chorus effect over the guitar riff calmly invites new listeners of the band. But don’t let that statement steer you away from checking out the rest of their EP…

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MR Fest Artist Profile: Toast Party

Written by me! It’s always a plus when you really like the music you have to check out and end up becoming a fan 🙂

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By DeMarcus Cobb
Music Reviewer

Toast Photo By: @deeppurple__ via Toast Party’s Facebook.

Toast Party is an alt­-rock band based out of Austin, Texas and has been playing numerous gigs in Austin and Houston in the past two years.

Benny Rose, aka Jake Laporte, is the brains behind most Toast Party tracks, recording the very first few tracks on his own in his bedroom. With the live band, he is on the guitar & vox while Stuart Sayes and Alex Duck keep the groove alive on bass and drums.

With soft, catchy verses and loud choruses that you can sing along to, these guys give you the best of both worlds. Some tracks remind me of Toro y Moi and others remind me of Cajun Dance Party. Benny Rose’s production chops really shine on their tracks and from the videos on their Facebook.

These guys know how to interact with…

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Faneto (Semester Wrap-up)

When I originally started this blog the purpose of it was kind a showcase what goes on in my life. The daily events and the big events. With that being said this year I also realize how hard it is to keep up with the blog my dedicated to keep it up. You have to be on top your game and can’t put off writing your post otherwise you’ll forget!

Having the ability to just blog simply by writing notes on my iPhone was very helpful because I was able to jot down my thoughts and fix it up on my laptop later. Voice-to-text is amazing too! This post was written via voice-to-text feature on my iPhone.You have to love technology and the accessibility it holds. I would’ve been screwed for all my blog reviews if I couldn’t write my drafts in my phone or use the WordPress App to publish.

I have definitely learned some very helpful tools to brand myself and now I really see how the Internet market is in general. today’s Internet market is just so instant and fast-paced that you really need to know how to put yourself out there and pull in an audience in order to remain relevant to your fans.

During the school semester I kept this blog separated from my personal Twitter account because I wanted to start with a clean slate but since this class is over I think I’ll continue this blog to showcase my new music and provide studio updates/more interesting post rather than general day-to-day updates of life. I am almost positive my posts didn’t recieve a lot of views due to me not adding tags to my post. In my expeirence using a lot of different common tags help draw in random viewers, i.e. YouTube. I think my most popular posts were the ones in regards to my dogs. I did not achieve a lot of views for my blog and again I’m sure it’s because I refrained from using a lot hashtags and tags.


Since I have to option to make this blog a domain site I think I should take advantage of that to build my own organized webpage. But I do want to keep my page music-oriented. With school coming to an end I will have more time to think and plan my posts out.


Chon Concert Review

So my buddy got us tickets to see Chon, a San Diego based instrumental rock band who are currently on their first ever headlining tour. Opening up for them are Strawberry Girls and Dallas local band Polyphia on board as supporting acts. I personally did not know too much about Chon besides what my friend had shown me via YouTube. Such as this live set/interview courtesy of AudiotreeTV such as this clip:

As you can tell…these guys are insanely talented and they play so well together. It’s hard to come across bands that can actually play what they record. There’s no studio magic here!

But let’s get to the show..

Polyphenia and Strawberry girls opened and they were INCREDIBLE! So much technicality and the best part about it was that it felt so organic. If you didn’t know who they were you would think these guys were just jamming off improv. As a guitar player myself I could really appreciate their guitar licks, abrusrt time signature changes, and the harmonizing. I still can’t get over Strawberry Girls though. I tried to get as many videos as my phone permitted so I could find these songs on my own haha.

All three bands share a very similar sound, progressive Jam Metal. Lots of arpeggios, tempo changes, and breakdowns of course.

Strawberry fields were amazing, and I can say that for every band that played today. These bands play so tight-fitted to the point where it sounds like I’m listening to the CD recordings. In other words they all play very well live and hardly make room for errors.

Polyphenia had me hypnotize watching the guitarists shred so melodically. I could go on and on but luckily I have some decent footage from the show 🙂

I have no words to describe Chon, I was hypnotized the whole time just watching them jam out like nobody’s business! Like I said I’d rather let the videos speak for itself


In between sets Sidewinder was playing the whole Toro Y Moi discography and honestly I couldn’t be happier. I can listen to Toro anytime of the day and it was a nice switch up to the jamming bands playing before me.

Interview with Etzel Wolff – Texas State Student

I remember my Freshman year like it was yesterday. I was at a completely different school in a whole ‘nother state trying to balance studies with track practice. My first year was quite the adjustment but it helped me better prepare myself for future classes and life in general. Some people really do struggle making the adjustment to being on your own at a university due to grades, anxiety, trying to find oneself and friends that share similar interests.

So with my Junior year coming to an end, I thought it would be neat idea for the project to ask a current student at Texas State that just wrapped up her first year of college and discuss how she adapted to the new environment and the progress she has made.