Recap: College Radio Day

KTSW 89.9

By Madison Tyson
Staff Photographer

On Friday, Nov. 4 from 12:00 a.m.-11:59 p.m., a full 24 hours, KTSW participated in College Radio Day. Hundreds of college radio stations around the world went live on-air the entire day. KTSW broadcasted from the Trinity building on Texas State University’s campus with a packed schedule of DJs and specialty shows. As a part of the big day, KTSW also put on Laugh Tracks, an event from 8:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. at George’s in the LBJ Student Center, that had performances by comedians, Jack Neil and Jared McCorkl and DJ Vannah B in between sets.

As the prime time of College Radio Day came around, Other Side Drive live-streamed the show on the KTSW Facebook page, because they wanted to change it up a bit so the listeners could see the faces behind the voices they always hear. The comment feed on the live-stream practically became a…

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KTSW 89.9 Presents: Melodia

Can’t wait to start up “Melodia” again next semester!

KTSW 89.9

By Kristopher Tondre
Programs Director

Coming on Monday’s from 10 p.m. to midnight, Melodia is a specialty show at KTSW hosted by DJs Laura Valencia and DeMarcus Cobb. Melodia was first started a couple years ago during Laura’s first semester at the station and has grown into what it is now with co-host DeMarcus as they provide a soundtrack of chill trap, ambient and future beat music.

Featured illustration by KTSW Multimedia.

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MR Fest 2017 Artist Profile: Hiram

Wrote a little thing for Houston’s own, Hiram
Producer and DJ

KTSW 89.9

By DeMarcus Cobb
Music Journalist


Hailing from Houston, Texas, Hiram is paving his own way in the music scene. Formally known as Yung Slutty, the switch to his birth name came with a sense of maturity and growth as a musician. He has been heavily involved in the underground DJ scene for the past six years and his love for music made him pick up production along the way.

Hiram is inspiring young DJ’s/producers to follow their dreams and showing them that you can accomplish what you want if you put forth the effort.

When he is not DJ’ing, he gives back to the community teaching music theory and intro to music production full-time at an elementary school (WIDE Missouri City).

“Helping kids who doubt themselves like I always did,” Hiram said. “Anything is possible if you TRY.

He’s performed at…

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Late post, hi and hello. Sorry for being MIA

Lot’s of things have been happening since my last post. For the best, teamed up with a friend to get some more gigs and get our names around San Marcos. Got some more experience with CDJs under my belt.

Also got to perform out of state in Lake Charles! Which lead to my first official radio show mix!!!!

Still love this one!

Still love this one!

Rap Takes Over at Underground Excellence

Woah who’s that DJ in the back? He looks familiar….

KTSW 89.9

By Madison Tyson

These photos were taken at Underground Excellence presented by The Cypher at KTSW. The event occurred on Friday October 21, 2016 from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. at Wake the Dead Coffee House in San Marcos. The night was comprised of hip-hop and rap performances by Shelly Knicks, Nat Plastic, GQ Marley, VYBZ and Henny Caesar.

When arriving to Underground Excellence, there was an overall vibe of support and genuine interest for emerging local hip-hop and rap artists. KTSW members got to see their hard work and dedication come together. The event attracted all different types of people, which created a sense of community through the Texas State and San Marcos community. I loved watching the crowd react to the performers different styles and seeing what groups of people came and went for each performer. As the night went on, the air got colder and created…

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Your Guide to UTOPIAfest 2016

Got a camping festival coming up? Check out my guide on how to pack accordingly!

KTSW 89.9

By DeMarcus Cobb
Assistant Music Director

Cheers to the beginning of Fall and cool(er) weather! The 8th annual Utopiafest is here and the weather is welcoming it with open arms. The highs will be in the mid-80s with lows in the mid-50s. With that said, this is perfect camping weather. This article will give you some insight and pointers that will help make your trip to Utopia fest a wonderful (and cheap) experience.

First and foremost, I would like to touch base on some things that you need to do prior to the festival.

Research, research, research.

Photo courtesy of UTOPIAfest. Photo courtesy of UTOPIAfest.

If you’ve read this far, then you’re already taking the first step towards a successful camping festival. Here’s three pre-travel pointers:

  1. Check the webpage for the FAQ tab, this is your guide to where/how to park, what’s allowed on camping grounds or not, how to get in and out…

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Night Beats and La Luz Close Out MR Fest at The Marc

KTSW 89.9

By Andrew Nogay
MR Fest Press Team

The crowd at the Marc gets ready to see La Luz play during MR Fest in San Marcos. Photo by Jennifer Servellon. The crowd at the Marc gets ready to see La Luz play during MR Fest in San Marcos. Photo by Jennifer Servellon.

2016 was another great year for MR Fest, which covered numerous venues and various genres throughout the two days. There was everything from garage rock to rap to comedy, and memories to last at least a couple days. The Marc was where the two headliners, Night Beats and La Luz, played the last sets of MR Fest. Though the two bands hail from Seattle, Washington and the crowd was rambunctious for both, they had very different styles.

Night Beats went on around 10 p.m. Friday, April 30, and the garage/psych band hit hard. They mostly played songs off their recent album, Who Sold My Generation, one of the best albums of the year so far. The first song they…

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MR Fest Artist Profile: Golden Graves

KTSW 89.9

By DeMarcus Cobb
Music Reviewer

MR FEST Photo By Golden Graves

Golden Graves’ music sends you off to summertime and the happy memories that follow.

Golden Graves consists of Jack Seybold (Vocals and Guitar), Firas Isat (Guitar), Lev Merka (Bass) and Adam Ansley on the drums. They are a four-­piece shoegaze band based out of Austin, Texas, and are not your average shoegaze band by any means. They have that familiar airy, euphoric sound but this band could easily be on a major festival lineup with more tracks like “Sports” and “Death Match“, that really showcase the band’s potential to write big records.

Trash,” off their self-­titled debut, is easily my favorite track by these guys.The dreamy chorus effect over the guitar riff calmly invites new listeners of the band. But don’t let that statement steer you away from checking out the rest of their EP…

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KTSW X Head for the Hills 2016 (Playlist)

KTSW 89.9

By The KTSW Music Staff

The fourth annual Head for the Hills festival is now in full effect this weekend until the 26th. The festival is a three day celebration of all varieties of the arts. Head for the Hills is tucked away in the scenic Quiet Valley Ranch in Kerrville, TX. Boredom is not an option with quirky activities such as unicycle football, kundalini yoga, glass blowing and a variety of workshops. For more information about the festival head over to the Head for the Hills website.

  • “Take Flight” – The Deer: Take Flight takes you on a groove-based somber journey with its plotting bass lines and comforting vocals of Grace Park. Listen to this song when you are surrounded by hundred of unclimbed trees on a spring day.” – Nestor Vasquez, Music Director
  • “Chiny Chuna” – Thriftworks: “It’s nearly impossible for me to pinpoint my single favorite…

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